The CI Factor

Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications (CPDQs)

Choithram International is a certified Cambridge Professional Development Centre which offers Certificate and Diploma in Teaching with Digital Technologies.

The Certificate and Diploma in Teaching with Digital Technologies are designed to help teachers use digital technologies effectively and appropriately to provide the best possible learning environment for students’ learning. These qualifications encourage teachers to reflect critically on their own and colleagues’ teaching and to experiment with new techniques and technologies, ultimately improving their own teaching practice significantly.

The Certificate and Diploma are for practising teachers. They are inclusive and relevant to all teaching and learning contexts: from primary and secondary general education, to adult and higher education. They help teachers to develop their:

The qualification is divided into three modules where each module can be completed in a period of four months. Module 1 can be taken on its own as the Certificate. Candidates can then progress to Modules 2 and 3 to complete the Diploma. The Diploma comprises all three modules.

Candidates must achieve a grade of pass or distinction in a module before moving to the next module.

The assessment of each module is through a portfolio of evidences, examined by Cambridge. In their portfolio, each teacher demonstrates their knowledge, skills and understanding in the context of their own work, from a variety of sources:

CI participates in “Green School Programme”

Vision of Sustainability:

To develop a culture of sustainability in our school such that every child grows to become a responsible decision maker.

When we think about the IB Learner Profile (, it becomes clear that these qualities are not restricted to the classroom or to co-curricular pursuits. They are in fact, applicable to life as a whole, which includes our interaction with the environment.

Keeping the IB Philosophy in mind, which propagates giving back to the community and the world, CI has recently embraced the Green School Programme and is committed to nurturing its students to become responsible towards Planet Earth.

To successfully kick-start this programme, certain rules have been implemented with immediate effect.

These rules are:

  1. Complete ban on polythene bags within the CI campus.
  2. Complete ban on use of thermocol. Alternatives are to be used for all projects and models, for which the teachers guide students.
  3. Complete ban on distributing ready-made chocolates / confectionery items, which are wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic covers. For birthday celebrations, students can bring small saplings and distribute to their classmates.

CI aims to convert into a green school in the near future and these steps will enable us to attain this aim.