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Cycle March

Today, marked the beginning of a long term project, “Road Safety for Better Environment”, a Group 4 and CAS initiative of the DP 2016-18 students. Students have identified five major areas to work upon for this project. The group members Sakshi, Prachi, Niramay, Huzef, Jaideep and Adarsh of one of these five groups planned an awareness...

By Admin | May 9th , 2017

CI shines at TAISI – Bangalore

With 7 hard-earned medals in total and one runners-up trophy lifted by our sub-junior soccer team, CI’s sports stars shone brightly at the TAISI Meet held in Bangalore recently.   Our contingent of 12 students showed grit and spirit, and stood out amongst hundreds of other participants!   We are very proud of our young achievers!      

By Admin | May 9th , 2017

Dell Champs National Winner

Guest Lecture: NGO Muskan Group Organ Donation for MYP 3 on 6 January 2018 Service is an integral part of MYP. During a discussion in class about heart transplants, our MYP 3 students participated in a debate on whether ‘organ donation after death should be made compulsory’. Subsequently, the students took the initiative to take up the issue of ‘organ donation’ as their...

By Admin | January 9th , 2018

French Teachers Workshop

TV5 Workshop in CI for French Teachers on 16 December 2017 Saturday, 16 December 2017, was a special day for the French Language Department of Choithram International (CI). It was graced by a workshop conducted by Ms Mayuri Assudani on the renowned website The workshop was attended by teachers of French from CI and other schools in Indore. The registration process was...

By Admin | January 15th , 2018

NIIT University

Guest Lecture by Mr Vijay Thadani of NIIT University on 4 December 2017 A guest lecture on “Importance of Career Planning” was delivered by Mr Vijay Thadani, Co-Founder of NIIT.   Mr Vijay K Thadani is the Vice Chairman and MD of NIIT, Asia’s leading Global Talent Development Corporation. Mr. Thadani also serves on the Board of NIIT Technologies Limited, servicing...

By Admin | January 15th , 2018

Kids Club House Picnic

Nursery to KG2 learners at Kids Club House Picnic on 22 December Our little learners from Nursery to KG2 happily celebrated and enjoyed a lot with their friends at the 'Kids Club House' during their picnic today. They were happy while playing with balls, clearing obstacles, having food and juice with their friends. This was a good start to the winter break. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a...

By Admin | January 15th , 2018

Safari Park Picnic

PYP 1 to 5 Safari Park Picnic on 22 December 2017 The risk-taking and inquiring minds of our PYP 1-5 learners journeyed to the Safari Park in Indore, a beautiful learning centre, where they enjoyed various team and adventure activities in a safe and controlled environment. Apart from adventures, the learners enjoyed various other activities like Tug of War, tyre wall, commando bridge, gorilla...

By Admin | January 15th , 2018

I Term End Parent – Teacher Meet 2018 – 19

I Term End Parent – Teacher Meet 2018 – 19 The progress of a child is defined by the work he does with the cooperation and assistance of the parents and teachers. The I Term PTM held on December 21, 2018 turned out very well as the parents were very enthusiastic to know about their ward’s performance and development. They were informed about the strengths and weaknesses of their...

By Admin | December 21st , 2018